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Much more than a course in Fascination, Mesmerism & Non-Verbal Hypnotism!

Mesmerism, Fascination Non Verbal Hypnotism, and Quantum techniques are the most cutting edge techniques existing in the world.

Without words, they speak directly to the unconscious mind...

Ever desired to learn techniques to boost your energy, be more 'fascinative', get more results in life, find the yourself that you are really? Do you know that you could also start a professional career as a counselor, an hypnotherapist a consultant using these techniques? The access to this potential is reserved to the people that really want to go on this path. The first step is wanting to take the first step.

Join now The original Institute for Mesmerism, Magnetism And Fascination and our International Organization the first of this kind in the world. The only institute directed by Dr. Paret, at the same time founder and re-discoverer of this new updated discipline in this century. Even online, you can learn cutting edge techniques. Be in the few with advanced knowledge in this field.

Why a membership?

What you will learn here is something totally new. It is not just a technique. It is a completely new way to look at the reality, to live your life and to work with other people. Therefore more than a simple study course in mesmerism and fascination, we offer much more: you will get not only the course and access our online academy, but also a membership where you will get access to our forum, you will have the possibility to speak with like minded people and you will have the possibility to address questions

Members receive exclusive access to resources, education and programs and in the upper levels even to very rare videos. Even free members will access useful materials and can decide after to upgrade. Use your membership to take advantage of exclusive opportunities to access online education, discuss and share knowledge through our private Facebook group and garner access to a whole host of resources. We have in our levels even rare materials, unique videos of people that were masters of this art.

Our membership level is designed for you.

Select the level of benefits that best fits your needs and goals. Exclusive level needs for admission that you fill up our admission form where we will test your intentions. Only people agreeing to access these techniques to benefit others or for personal growth will be admitted.

Starter, Gold and Platinum

We want to make membership work for you, so we provide every member with the same core benefits and the flexibility to have the videos and the material best suited to your level of competence. Each level of membership give access to a forum to allow a closer interaction and sharing of information. -join our global community of students dedicated to be the best they can be. The material is distributed through video for an optimum training experience.

Starter: personal exercises and inner development
Gold: learn to work with others
Platinum: advanced training and materials with free updates. You gain full access to our Training Academy, a platform where all our videos are - and will be - stored.
Exclusive: Live modules accessible only for people with the platinum level: ( Skype, chat, webinars etc.).

Starter Membership

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Gold Membership

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Platinum Membership

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You can also participate online as a preparing moment for participating in our live course.

These courses, with Dr. Paret, will really change your life and will be the begin of a new course. You will learn a new philosophy and gain access to advanced experience

Note: you will have the possibility to deduct the cost of your membership and gain priority access even in fully booked seminars.